Is Crio free?

Yes, Crio is a research project at Stanford, and is completely free.

Does Crio support languages besides English?

Crio currently only supports English. We hope to support other languages in the future.

Will support for more websites be added?

Yes, support for other websites will soon be made available. You can request a website by using the feedback link on the left of this page or by clicking the Crio icon after installing the extension and clicking the "Request" button.

Will an integration for my desktop mail client / word processor be made available?

Probably not in the near future due to limited bandwidth (we're a small team of students). If you want to help us build integrations though, please do reach out.

Something didn't work!

Please contact us: and we'll get back to you shortly. Thanks for helping us improve Crio!

For other questions, please also see our privacy policy.